Rosemont is the community in Sacramento County, California, bounded by
Watt Ave., Folsom Blvd., Bradshaw Rd., and Jackson Hwy.

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August 25, 2014

Drive safely, schools are back in session September 2 and kids are excited and not paying attention around our campuses (not to mention inattentive drivers, including even parents).

Did You Enjoy the Celebration of Community?
The way over a thousand people who turned out Saturday for the 6th annual Rosemont Celebration of Community were treated to perhaps the best event yet. There were more booths, games, entertainment, a fun classic cars display, demonstrations, and just plain good fun and free food than in past Celebrations. This popular gathering of our community speaks volumes about the great place where we live. It was the result of the work of dozens of volunteers who worked long hours to make it a success, and we thank each and every one of them. It proves what a community can do when it pulls together to accomplish something important. Great job, Rosemont! (And watch for the 2015 edition of this wonderful event next August.)

The Food Trucks are Rolling In Again – Eat Up!
Come out on Friday evening September 5 from 5 to 8 pm for the next edition of the Rosemont Food Truck Fest. Tease your taste buds with a wide choice of tempting treats and enjoy the company of your friendly and interesting neighbors. This popular event has a growing following, so come early to get a table for your family and friends.
THE Airshow is Almost Here
The ninth annual California Capitol Airshow will be all around us on the weekend of September 6-7, and you don’t want to miss out on the fun. As one of the top five shows in the nation, it offers something for everyone in the family. There will be lots of displays of both commercial and military aircraft on the ground, a special salute to veterans, tours of airplanes, demonstrations of special aircraft, and an amazing performance of aerobatic flying. And if you are really into it, you might consider volunteering to help at the show. For more information and tickets, click HERE.

Do You Face Book?
RCA is looking for a few good people to help monitor our Face Book page and assure that it is properly used. This social media site is proving to be a great communications tool and we want to make it even more useful to more people. We estimate, with several people helping, it should take no more than a few hours per month. If this sounds like something you’d like to do to help you community, send us an email at and tell us a bit about your FB experience. And thanks for your help!

Rosemont Business Assistance Program Forming
We are making plans to help enhance our businesses here in Rosemont by forming an outreach program responsive to the unique needs our local business have. If you have or work with a business in our community we encourage you to let us know so we can make contacts and design a service that meets your needs. RCA has resources that can assist businesses to grow and prosper – something that will do all of us good. Contact RCA at for more information.

Welcome New Neighbors with a RCA Welcome Bag
Do you have new neighbors who recently moved in? If so, why not welcome them with one of Rosemont Community Association Welcome Bags full of information and gifts to help make them feel at home in their new home. If you would like to show them what a great place they live in, just email RCA at and tell us their address and if possible their name. We’ll see that a bag is delivered to them and you get the credit.

Learn How to Preserve Those Old Family Photos
Would you like to know how to pass on some of your family history to generations following? If so, here is a great way to start learning. The Cordova Historical Society and the Rancho Cordova Branch of the Library is hosting a special presentation on Preserving Family Photos and Memories on Saturday, September 13. For more information click HERE.

Don’t Let a Home Project Blow Up in Your Face
Whether you are digging holes for a fence, repairing a water line, planting a tree, or digging in your yard for any other reason, it is wise and safest to first check to be sure you are not digging where there is a buried utility line. It would be hard to explain why you hit a gas or water line and started a fire or flood – or maybe worse, cut your neighbor’s cable line! There are lots of utility lines buried on and around our lots that we don’t know about. Fortunately, it is easy to be safe. Just call 811 to get a fast and free check by an expert to be sure there are no utility lines where you will be working. Or for further information click on

Edward Kelley School/Washington Kelley School Alumni Reunion Coming
Many of the residents of Rosemont once attended our historic Edward Kelley School and have fond memories of it and the friends they made there. Well, there is a fun opportunity tore-kindle those memories coming up. Save this date for our next school gathering union).    
Saturday, January 17, 2015    11:30am
Perko's Restaurant, 9647 Micron Ave.
It's been a while since the last reunion, so this is a chance to get caught up and renew old friendships. If you have contact information for others who attended Edward Kelley please let JoAnn Wilson know so that she can contact them either via USA mail or telephone them. Please RSVP by January 3, 2015, to Jo Ann (Cabral) Wilson at

New County Garbage App Makes Life Easier
If you've ever lost track of garbage day or raced outside after hearing the garbage truck, you're in luck:  Residents of the unincorporated area who receive County Waste Management and Recycling services can sign up for a customized electronic reminder service called “ReCollect”.  This new widget tool makes it easy to access information about garbage, recycling, and green waste pickup schedules. For more information click HERE.

Our Recreation and Park District Needs Rosemont Input
All our recreation and park services in Rosemont are provided by the Cordova Recreation and Park District, a special district which is supported by a tax collected as part of our property tax bill. The Board of Directors of the District is elected at large by the residents of the District. This year three board seats are up for election, and only two incumbents are running for re-election.

The CRPD area covers Rosemont and College Greens East on the west end (all the way to Watt Ave.) and as far east as Gold River. It is a large area with over 100,000 population. Much of the District is within the city limits of Rancho Cordova, which has a strong influence on District programs and services.

RCA monitors CRPD services and programs to assure the Rosemont area is well served and not overlooked. But CRPD will only serve our needs if we tell it what we want here. Otherwise our tax moneys may support programs elsewhere in the District. We urge all interested residents to be attentive to CRPD services and to consider attending its monthly Board of Directors meetings on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm, in the Rancho Cordova Council Chambers, 2729 Prospect Park Dr. off Hwy 50 at Zinfandel. All are welcome. You can learn more at the CRPD web site,

RCA Communications Plans Being Revised
Perhaps RCA is one of the best kept secrets in Rosemont, and we want to change that. There is too much potential here to have people not know what is and can happen in Rosemont. So RCA is forming ambitious plans to revise our newsletter to include both electronic and limited print version; expand our Face Book presence; redesign a more appealing, livelier and useable web site; create a new member email alert system; and start an effective business component that benefits both our members and our businesses. We hope, too, to engage some of our younger generation and students in building these improvements. This is a large and undertaking that will take a while, so bear with us. And in the process we welcome your ideas about what would be useful to you as a resident or a business. And if y0ou have a talent to help make this all happen, we’d welcome your involvement. Please contact RCA at with your ideas.

Welcome Your New Neighbors
If you see a new resident moving in to your neighborhood, tell RCA and we will arrange to deliver a welcome bag of goodies to help them feel like they belong to the community. And if you’d like we can even help you deliver it yourself. What better way to build a strong and safer neighborhood! Just let us know at and we can do the rest.

After You Take Out the Trash, Remember to Bring In Your Cans

Remember, our ugly trash receptacles are NOT street or yard ornaments. Each house in the Rosemont area has side and back yards, or at least an area where the trash cans can be stored out of view. Leaving the cans sitting out in view of the street brings our neighborhood down and makes us all look bad. It does not take that much extra effort to roll them back out of sight when bringing them in from the curb. Please help keep Rosemont looking nice by doing this – and encouraging your neighbors to do the same. Thanks.

County Offers Water Wise Information
As our region experienced its third consecutive dry winter in late in 2013, the Sacramento County Water Agency asked its customers to make a voluntary 20 percent reduction in water use. The new Get Water Wise Initiative helps you achieve your conservation goals by organizing, categorizing and incentivizing water reduction options, tips and techniques. Learn about it HERE.

Remember, Kids Don’t Float!
If you are thinking about water recreation and river time, the County has some helpful tips to keep our kids safe. Click HERE.

Join or Start a Neighborhood Watch Group on Your Block!! Learn How HERE.



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RCA Board Meeting
Thursday, September 4, 2014, 7-9 pm
Atonement Church, 9242 Kiefer Blvd.
View the agenda HERE

Come Out to the
Rosemont Food Truck Fest
Friday, September 5, 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Rosemont Community Park
Tasty Food and Fun for the Whole Family!

Kiefer Cleanup
Saturday, October 11
8:45 am - 11:00 am
Meet at Atonement Church
Front parking lot

Board Agenda and Highlights

  If you have an item you would like on the agenda please email RCA at
All are welcome to attend the Board meetings on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at Atonement Church, 9242 Kiefer Blvd.

Click HERE to see the agenda for the Board's next meeting.
Click HERE to see the highlights of the Board's most recent meeting.

County 311
To report an issue within the unincorporated Sacramento County, simply call 311 or 875-4311, visit, or download Sac County 311 Connect in the app store on your smartphone.

Rosemont Area Traffic and Road Condition Alerts
Click HERE for current details

Link to Our Library

Click HERE to see what is currently happening at our local library, 9845 Folsom Blvd.

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Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for folks who want to help make our Rosemont community better. If you have ideas and energy to do that , let us know.

Safety Tips

Learn some ways to keep yourself and your family safe on our Safety Tips page.

Wipe out Graffiti

Our RCA Graffiti Team is working hard to keep Rosemont graffiti free, but we need your help! Please find out how, here.
REPORT graffiti you see in Rosemont at:

Welcome New Neighbors

RCA volunteers have put together a Welcome Bag program that benefits new Rosemont residents as well as local businesses. Learn more here

Rosemont Home Sales

Check out the recent listing of recent Rosemont home sales, courtesy of Andy Thielen at Lyon Real Estate.


This commentary is intended to get people thinking, discussing and acting. It does not necessarily reflect the policy or position of RCA.

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Did You Know?

... the Rosemont Community was established in 1959 and has a land area of 4.3 square miles. Our boundaries are Folsom Blvd., Watt Ave., Jackson Hwy. and Bradshaw Rd. Rosemont is in the unincorporated part of Sacramento County and is not part of any city. It's public services are provided by a number of different public agencies and private companies.

ROSEMONT FACTS from the 2010 Census:

Approximately 22,000 people live in Rosemont in some 7,900 households.
In the 2010 census the mediam income in  Rosemont was just over $60,000.

About $200 million of sales money bleeds out of Rosemont each year - that is, resident's money is spent elsewhere.
(Businesses take note: come here and get your share!)

About 26% of Rosemont residents are under 20 years old
About 12% of Rosemont residents are 65 years old or older
The Rosemont population is 51% female and 49% male

Owner occupied – 52%
Rentals – 43%

Vacant – 5%

Average Rosemont Household Income
2010 - $65,500
2015 Projected - $72,000


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