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Updated: March 2, 2015

Board Agenda Posted
The agenda for the RCA Board meeting March 5 is now posted. Click HERE to see it.

Watt Ave Traffic Impact Coming
From March 2 to 5, 8:30am to 3:00pm, the #3 and #4 lanes north and south bound on Watt Ave. will be closed in an alternating fashion to do bridge maintenance. Plan your travels accordingly.

Food Trucks This Friday
Don’t forget to come out for our monthly Food Truck Fest this Friday, March 6, from 5 to 8 pm at Rosemont Community Park – and bring your family, friends and appetite!

RCA’s Safe Driving Program Gets Press Attention
RCA’s Teen Safe Driving Workshop got coverage in the February 27 edition of the Grapevine Independent newspaper. The workshop, which was held on Feb. 19, was directed to both parents and students and was built around the “Alive at 25” program run by the Safety Center. It focused on good role modeling as a key means to help students learn proper and safe driving skills. More safe driving programs will be offered soon as part of RCA’s grant from State Farm to provide such education here in Rosemont.

Planning Begins for RCA’s Annual Celebration of Community
Mark Saturday, August 22, to enjoy the 7th Annual Celebration of Community at Rosemont Community Park. As usual, there will be lots of fun things to do and see, including free food, for the whole family. If you would like to help support this great event or would like information on having a display for your local organization, contact RCA at info@rosemontca.org. Watch for more details in the months ahead.

RCA Hosts Safe Driver Workshop – for Parents

Rosemont High Parent Cheryle Sutton reports on the ideas generated in the discussion group on graduated drivers licenses that was part of the RCA hosted workshop on safe teen driving.

As part of its Safe Teen Driver program, sponsored by a grant from State Farm, RCA conducted a special workshop for parents as part of Rosemont High’s annual PTA meeting. Several dozen parents and some students participated and learned about how to help beginning drivers develop expert driving skills – and of course, stay safe and alive.

Many ideas were generated and shared by attendees as they thought about their own experiences behind the wheel and how they could convey their wisdom to their students. And the students themselves added valuable insights that helped the parents. The program was conducted by the Safety Center, Inc. located on Bradshaw Rd. In addition to the learning, attendees benefited from a drawing for a variety of prizes including driving simulator time to free behind the wheel classes. RCA will be scheduling more safe teen driving programs in the months ahead, so watch for announcements.

SMUD Sponsoring Trout Derby
The Sacramento Municipal Utilities District is sponsoring a fun trout fishing derby on March 28 & 29 at Rancho Seco Park. Click HERE for details.

RCA Presents Donation to Atonement Church
For many years, Atonement Lutheran Church on Kiefer Blvd. has very graciously made available its activity room for the Rosemont Community Association to use as its Board meeting site and for other RCA events. Recently the church was victim of some vandalism, beyond what its budget could cover. In appreciation for its continuing hospitality and to help with repairs, the RCA Board voted to make a donation of $250 to the church. Immediately a number of individuals volunteered they too would like to contribute to the donation, and they more than doubled that amount so that in the end the total donation to the church was $665. This is one more proof that the Rosemont community is a leader in the Sacramento region in charitable donations. Thanks to all who stepped up to help.
Atonement Church Manager Doug McGill smiles over the check that RCA Treasurer Jesus Mendoza and President Terry Dugan presented to the church on behalf of the community for all its help in Rosemont.

Citizens Academy on Law Enforcement Offered
Learn all about how our law enforcement system works at the 15th annual Citizens Academy, sponsored by our District Attorney, Sacramento Sheriff’s Department and the Sacramento Police Department. Beginning in early April, this 10 week free program will cover all aspects of our criminal justice system. It is intended to exp[and the community’s understanding of law enforcement system and improve relations between it and the general community. For more information and registration details, click HERE.

RHS Upgrades Its Theater
Great news from Rosemont High School! The Black Box Theater, the school’s already amazing digital imaging classroom, is being upgraded! By the end of the school year, the Black Box Theater will be a professional-quality, industry standard, state-of-the-art video studio complete with: industry quality cameras, teleprompters, professional audio system, studio lighting and tricaster switching equipment that offers live web streaming and graphics switching capabilities. The digital imaging program will also receive industry standard portable camera kits for projects outside the theater. All this new equipment will enhance the learning experiences of our students as they develop skills in critical thinking, creativity, and technical competencies. Rosemont High continues to be on the cutting edge of education!

RCA to Again Offer Scholarship for Local Graduate
Once again in 2015, RCA will be offering to a Rosemont resident graduating from high school a $1,000 scholarship in recognition of both civic involvement and academic merit. If you know of a high school senior living in Rosemont and graduating in 2015 whom you think would be a good candidate for this scholarship, be sure to let him or her know of this opportunity. Full details will be posted HERE; the application deadline is April 30.

Rosemont Little League Signups Open
Rosemont Little League is still accepting registration!! Practices begin in a few weeks and Opening Day is Saturday, March 14th. So register now and do not let the season pass you by. Little League Baseball is a great sports activity for kids of all ages. Being a part of a Rosemont Little League will give kids the chance to be part of a positive environment that focuses on building kids character, courage and loyalty, while promoting healthy activity. And Rosemont Little League has long been a part of our community. Click HERE for more information and registration.

ALERT: Credit Card Scamming Continues
Apparently there has been a credit card scam going around in which you get a call from a person purporting to be from your credit card company’s fraud investigation unit asking to verify a charge made to your card. He already has most of your card and personal info, but just asks for the security number on the back. If you provide that, suddenly your card IS hit with the fraudulent charge. So again, NEVER give out any personal or financial information over the phone unless you know for a fact with whom you are speaking. Even then it is better to place the call yourself to your card company’s fraud unit to verify the problem and have them advise on how to remedy the breach of your security.

And it is also helpful to verify any suspicious story, request or deal by researching it on www.snopes.com, which tracks and reports on all sorts of scams and frauds, and can verify whether some stories or urban legends are true or not.

Essence of Rosemont Planned for Friday, April 10
Bring the whole family out to enjoy Rosemont High’s annual Essence of Rosemont celebration, featuring the work and activities of our RHS students. See examples of the wide variety of classes and programs that are challenging our students and preparing them for higher education and work. And top off the evening with a free movie in the school quad, so come prepared for a fun and full evening.

Rosemont Leads in Generosity
Did you know that Rosemont is relatively the most generous neighborhood in the Sacramento area? That’s right, Rosemont residents (including the surrounding areas in the 95826 zip code) give more to charities than even neighborhoods with much higher average incomes. The Sacramento Business Journal reported “While taxpayers who itemize have average household incomes of about $84,000, the (Rosemont) area ranks No. 1 in giving, with average donations of over $3,000. That's more than the average donation from households in East Sacramento, where incomes are 68 percent higher.” That calculates to a rate of 3.59%. Way to go Rosemont! Click HERE for the full Business Journal article and a chart of comparisons.
Oh, yes! Remember if you make your donations to the Rosemont Community Foundation then all of your money will stay here in your community to work for you! You can easily make your year-end donation by clicking on the "Join RCA Now" link at the top of the page and then selecting the "Donate" link.

If you see something that seems suspicious or wrong, PLEASE REPORT IT to the Sac Sheriff’s Department (874-5115, unless it is a real emergency, then call 874-5111 or 911). It just might be the bit of information or person they need to solve a crime, even if you aren’t sure of its significance. At the least, it alerts law enforcement to a problem, and reminds them that Rosemont residents are not willing to let bad things happen here.

Join or Start a Neighborhood Watch Group on Your Block!! Learn How HERE.

The RCA Mission
To enhance, advocate, and promote the safety, economic, social and community conditions in Rosemont by working with residents, businesses, agencies and organizations affecting our community.

The Rosemont Vision
Rosemont is seen as a highly desirable place to live, raise families and do business, with a wide range of engaged residents and businesses, a solid and growing economic base, excellent schools, and stimulating programs and resources that expand peoples’ talents, potentials and horizons.


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RCA Board Meeting
Thursday, March 5, 2015, 7-9 pm
Atonement Church, 9242 Kiefer Blvd.
View the agenda HERE a week prior to the meeting.
All are welcome to attend

Kiefer Cleanup
Saturday, April 11
8:45 am - 11:00 am
Meet at Atonement Church
Front parking lot

Board Agenda and Highlights

  If you have an item you would like on the agenda please email RCA at info@rosemontca.org.
All are welcome to attend the Board meetings on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at Atonement Church, 9242 Kiefer Blvd.

Click HERE to see the agenda for the Board's next meeting.
Click HERE to see the highlights of the Board's most recent meeting.

Food Trucks are Coming to Rosemont
RCA sponsors a food truck fest on the first Friday of each month at Rosemont Community Park on Americana Dr. from 5-8 pm. Come out and enjoy tasty food with your family and friends! The next fest will be Friday, March 6.

County 311
To report an issue within the unincorporated Sacramento County, simply call 311 or 875-4311, visit www.311.saccounty.net, or download Sac County 311 Connect in the app store on your smartphone.


Rosemont Area Traffic and Road Condition Alerts

Please use caution when driving, especially now that it is getting darker sooner. Children may not be attentive and may dart into the street.

Click HERE for current details


RCA Scholarship Program
In order to promote, support and reward community involvement, the Rosemont Community Association offers a scholarship to a graduating high school senior who lives in Rosemont and who has demonstrated both exemplary civic engagement and academic merit. To learn more about the scholarship click HERE.

Link to Our Library

Click HERE to see what is currently happening at our local library, 9845 Folsom Blvd.

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Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for folks who want to help make our Rosemont community better. If you have ideas and energy to do that , let us know.
Learn some ways to keep yourself and your family safe on our Safety Tips page.

Wipe out Graffiti

Our RCA Graffiti Team is working hard to keep Rosemont graffiti free, but we need your help! Please find out how, here.
REPORT graffiti you see in Rosemont at:

Welcome New Neighbors

RCA volunteers have put together a Welcome Bag program that benefits new Rosemont residents as well as local businesses. Learn more here

Rosemont Home Sales

Check out the recent listing of recent Rosemont home sales, courtesy of Andy Thielen at Lyon Real Estate.


This commentary is intended to get people thinking, discussing and acting. It does not necessarily reflect the policy or position of RCA.

If I Could Make My Neighborhood Better, I'd...
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Did You Know?

... the Rosemont Community was established in 1959 and has a land area of 4.3 square miles. Our boundaries are Folsom Blvd., Watt Ave., Jackson Hwy. and Bradshaw Rd. Rosemont is in the unincorporated part of Sacramento County and is not part of any city. It's public services are provided by a number of different public agencies and private companies.

ROSEMONT FACTS from the 2010 Census:

Approximately 22,000 people live in Rosemont in some 7,900 households.
In the 2010 census the mediam income in  Rosemont was just over $60,000.

About $200 million of sales money bleeds out of Rosemont each year - that is, resident's money is spent elsewhere.
(Businesses take note: come here and get your share!)

About 26% of Rosemont residents are under 20 years old
About 12% of Rosemont residents are 65 years old or older
The Rosemont population is 51% female and 49% male

Owner occupied – 52%
Rentals – 43%

Vacant – 5%

Average Rosemont Household Income
2010 - $65,500
2015 Projected - $72,000


Quote to Ponder

We cannot do everything and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that. This enables us to do something, and to do it very, very well. It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way…

n  John Dearden

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