Rosemont is the community in Sacramento County, California, bounded by
Watt Ave., Folsom Blvd., Bradshaw Rd., and Jackson Hwy.

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November 16, 2014

RHS Runs to Feed the Hungry
Continue the Rosemont tradition and join in the annual Thanksgiving Day Run to Feed the Hungry. Our Rosemont High School sponsors a team from this area, and over the years has raised over $25,000 for this important cause. Get together with family and friends and sign up to help those in need. Click HERE for details and sign up information.

Hey, Get Out of the Gutter (After You’ve Cleaned It)
Do yourself a big favor and sweep the leaves out of the gutter in front of your house (and maybe even your neighbor’s just to be nice) so that when those rains come (surely they will – sometime, won’t they?) you won’t be having to go through a large puddle. This is especially important if you have a drain near you house. The leaves will choke to pipe and restrict proper flow. When it is dry it is easy to pull the cover and reach in with a shovel or rake and scoop the leaves out before they cause problems. It only takes a few minutes to do this clean out, and it’s a lot faster and cheaper than having the county come out to do it. Just watch out for traffic when you’re doing it.

Park District Gets a New Board Member – From Rosemont!
Rosemont resident Terri Leimbach was elected to the Board of the Cordova Recreation and Park District at the November 4 elections, and RCA extends its congratulations to her on her victory. We look forward to working closely with her and the rest of the CRPOD Board to assure that the west end of the District gets its proper attention. She will be sworn into office at the December meeting of the CRPD Board.

Business Breakfast a Success
A large group of businesses here in Rosemont turned out on Friday morning November 7 to begin exploring what they could do together with RCA to help improve the business climate here in Rosemont. Lots of good ideas were offered and they will be shared with other businesses that were unable to attend so we can begin planning specific steps to strengthen our business community here. We expect to see some improvements over the next year. If you have a business here in Rosemont and are interested in participating in this effort, let us know by contacting RCA at

Attendees were treated to a very nice full breakfast provided by several of our Rosemont businesses: Fit Eats, Save Mart, La Popular Market, and La Bou. RCA extends its great thanks to these businesses for helping make the event a hit.

Santa’s on His Way to Rosemont
Ya better start behavin’ ‘cause Santa Claus is coming to Rosemont! Once again, with the help of the Sacramento Metro Fire Department reindeer, Santa will be touring Rosemont, but this time there’s a new twist. Plans call for him to be here on the evenings of Monday, December 8, in the area south of Kiefer Blvd., and Tuesday, December 9, in the area north of Kiefer Blvd. His elves will be passing out fire safety information and candies, but more importantly, they will be collecting toys for the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department Annual Toy Drive. Watch for a route map showing where Santa will go. We’ll post it here on the RCA web site about a week before he arrives. The story is he’ll be going by lots of our parks, so you may want to get a little party of family and friends together to say Hi to him and bring him a toy for a needy child. What a great way to share the joy of the season and start a fun family tradition for the holidays.

Don’t Let Graffiti Get Us Down
More than blight or a nuisance, graffiti and tagging are crimes and RCA is working with the Sheriff’s Department to prosecute painting perpetrators who cause thousands of dollars in damages to properties. To help prosecute vandals, Police request all graffiti to be documented in photos and an online crime report filed. Each documented tag is a case against the crime. If it is on your property, add the cost of damage including equipment purchased or rented, gas, and time. Also note if the person or tag name is known or unknown to you.  Notify the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department as well so a police file can be started.  Also, send location information and clear photos of each tagging or graffiti to so RCA can track it and help eradicate it.  If it is on private property it is the responsibility of the property owner to clean it up. If that is not possible let RCA know. The photos and information will be useful to the Sheriffs since they will read the graffiti for “signatures” to identify the culprit and have proof of his damage. Remove or cover paint within 72 hours to discourage repeat tagging. Property owners should cover exposed areas with art, plants or barriers to prevent access. The faster we eradicate graffiti the less of it we’ll have here in Rosemont.

What You Can Do to Be Cyber Safer – Part 1
If you are planning to give a new on-line device as a gift this year – a new computer, tablet or phone – it is wise to first take some simple precautions before going surfing.

First, realize that that machine was probably packed some months earlier and does not have the latest security software loaded on it, and perhaps even the latest operating software. A lot of new security threats arise weekly, so your new equipment is likely vulnerable as soon as you turn it on. So first, load on those upgrades; while it may take a few minutes, it’s a long less time than you’ll spend solving all the problems you’ll have if you get hacked. Be sure all your software is current and your anti-virus protection is loaded with the latest patches and updates set to load automatically. Do this for all web browsers and operating system on all computers, laptops, gaming devices, TVs, tablets and smartphones that access wireless networks.

RCA Plans to Plan
The RCA board is making plans to hold a strategic planning workshop soon to identify needs and opportunities and map out steps to increase its effectiveness in serving the community. If you have ideas or see needs, please tell RCA so we can address them. After all, this is about your and your community. Let’s work together to make it better.

Squatters Can Ruin a Neighborhood; Don’t Let It Happen to You
We have heard from other communities nearby that they have experienced squatters moving in to a vacant house and setting up residence. Even if they seem like nice people when you encounter them, it is illegal and will soon cause a major problem. So, without being unduly suspicious, it is wise to know who your new neighbors are. And if the house is a rental, know who the landlord or property manager is so you can verify occupancy. If you do find a problem, contact the Sheriff’s Department so they can begin an investigation; but know that that may take some time. Therefore, it is best to be attentive and friendly and get to know your neighbors early. And while you’re at it, start a Neighborhood Watch program on your block. That can help guard against such problems in the first place. (Check out the RCA web site for how to start a Neighborhood Watch group.)

Help Prevent Street Racing in Rosemont
Compared to other areas, Rosemont has been relatively free of the reckless street racers, “drifters,” and “donut throwers.” We have a few remote corners where that illegal behavior has happened, and we’ve acted to fix them, because this kind of driving can cause serious damage and injury. It seems a new generation has transformed racing and drifting to a more dangerous game, resulting in skid marks, property damage, and parking lots left full of litter. Out of control cars crash into utility poles, landscapes, parked cars, curbs, fire hydrants, and landscape controls. This behavior also frightens neighbors, customers and employees. If you should witness or suspect such reckless driving, take these actions: 1) Immediately call the CHP to report the problem as it is occurring. This can include the suped-up cars speeding or gathering in one location. 2) Leave the area if possible. 3) Complete an online crime report should be filed for any damage from street racers.

REMINDER: Call in Suspicious Activities
Recently we have seen several reports on Next Door or other web sites of suspicious adults approaching houses either in the guise of Halloween, service technicians, or just more randomly. Please be very careful if this happens to you. If possible look through a window to see who is there. Do not open you door, especially if there are two or more people there who may make you uncomfortable. Get a description of them, and any vehicle you see them around, and call the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department immediately and report it (874-5115). Provide as full a description as possible of them and any vehicle, which way they went, and how they behaved or what they said. While they may be innocent, they may also be casing your house or the neighborhood. Do yourself and your neighbors a favor by reporting. Don’t look back afterward something bad happens and regret you did not act. Of course, if it is life threatening emergency, call the SSD directly at 874-5111, or 911. And add those numbers to your phone book on your phone.

CalAm Water Plan Challenged by RCA
At its October meeting, the RCA Board voted unanimously to file a protest with the California Public Utilities Commission over the plan by our water purveyor, California American Water Company, to acquire the small Dunnigan Water Company in Yolo County and include it in our Sacramento Service District, with the result we would be paying for the acquisition and improvements to that system. Dunnigan is an old, small, privately held system that needs major improvements, and as it has before CalAm is seeking to spread its costs in an expensive service area across its other less expensive service areas. The result, of course, would be that our rates would rise to subsidize the costs elsewhere. Cases before the CPUS are complex and quite legalistic, and tend to take a long time. But this is an important matter for ratepayers in this area, so RCA is taking action to protect our interests.

Rosemont High Wants to Show Off
Rosemont High School will host three Visitation Days – December 2nd, December 16th and January 13th – from 10:30 to noon starting in the large theater for parents and students to learn about all that the school offers. Following the opening presentation there will be a tour of the campus. Please call the school at (916) 228-5844 to make your appointment for one of these dates. We’re anxious to show the Rosemont community what our school has to offer!

Membership Leader Sought
RCA is looking for an energetic and outgoing person who can help lead out membership outreach program. This fun opportunity can put you in contact with lots of great people here in Rosemont, and give you a chance to practice your organizing talents. For more information or see if this might be a great chance for you to serve you community for a while, contact RCA at

Your Chance to Represent Rosemont: CORPAC Has Openings
The Cordova Community Planning Advisory Council (CORPAC) is in need of new members. The Council reviews all land use plans in this area and advises the proponent and the County Planning Commission on the recommendations of the local community. This is the first and best place to help assure proposed plans are compatible with community interests. The Council meets at 7:00 PM on the third Thursday of each month, here in the Rosemont area at the Sacramento County Branch Center offices. The application filing period will be on a continuous basis until positions are filled. For further information regarding the functions of this council, please contact Glenda Basina at (916) 874-5397.

Join or Start a Neighborhood Watch Group on Your Block!! Learn How HERE.

The RCA Mission
To enhance, advocate, and promote the safety, economic, social and community conditions in Rosemont by working with residents, businesses, agencies and organizations affecting our community.

The Rosemont Vision
Rosemont is seen as a highly desirable place to live, raise families and do business, with a wide range of engaged residents and businesses, a solid and growing economic base, excellent schools, and stimulating programs and resources that expand peoples’ talents, potentials and horizons.


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RCA Board Meeting
Thursday, December 4, 2014, 7-9 pm
Atonement Church, 9242 Kiefer Blvd.
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Come Out to the
Rosemont Food Truck Fest
Friday, December 5, 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Rosemont Community Park
Tasty Food and Fun for the Whole Family!

Kiefer Cleanup
Saturday, January 10
8:45 am - 11:00 am
Meet at Atonement Church
Front parking lot

Board Agenda and Highlights

  If you have an item you would like on the agenda please email RCA at
All are welcome to attend the Board meetings on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at Atonement Church, 9242 Kiefer Blvd.

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County 311
To report an issue within the unincorporated Sacramento County, simply call 311 or 875-4311, visit, or download Sac County 311 Connect in the app store on your smartphone.


Rosemont Area Traffic and Road Condition Alerts

Please use caution when driving, especially now that it is getting darker sooner. Children may not be attentive and may dart into the street.

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Check out the recent listing of recent Rosemont home sales, courtesy of Andy Thielen at Lyon Real Estate.


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Did You Know?

... the Rosemont Community was established in 1959 and has a land area of 4.3 square miles. Our boundaries are Folsom Blvd., Watt Ave., Jackson Hwy. and Bradshaw Rd. Rosemont is in the unincorporated part of Sacramento County and is not part of any city. It's public services are provided by a number of different public agencies and private companies.

ROSEMONT FACTS from the 2010 Census:

Approximately 22,000 people live in Rosemont in some 7,900 households.
In the 2010 census the mediam income in  Rosemont was just over $60,000.

About $200 million of sales money bleeds out of Rosemont each year - that is, resident's money is spent elsewhere.
(Businesses take note: come here and get your share!)

About 26% of Rosemont residents are under 20 years old
About 12% of Rosemont residents are 65 years old or older
The Rosemont population is 51% female and 49% male

Owner occupied – 52%
Rentals – 43%

Vacant – 5%

Average Rosemont Household Income
2010 - $65,500
2015 Projected - $72,000


Quote to Ponder

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.

-- Charles Dudley Warner,
American essayist

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